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Game of Goats

Are you ready to accept the challenge?
In Game of Goats you fight your friends or random enemies in over 20 different minigames. Who is faster? Who got the better reaction? Who will have the upper hand? Join our beta, help us creating the game and, most important, show off your skills! We hope to see you soon!

Ray Tracing

Rendered with 25 FPS in UE4


Schlag den Star

- Das Spiel

Nach SCHLAG DEN RAAB kommt SCHLAG DEN STAR! Du und bis zu 3 Deiner Freunde treten in 25 Minigames gegeneinander an. Zeige allen, dass Du nicht nur über das größte Allgemeinwissen verfügst, sondern auch Geschicklichkeit und ein gutes Gedächtnis hast. Schlägst du alle Stars?

Welcome Home Hun

Horror game made during Epics MegaJam 2018

UE4 Oculus Go Template

Unreal Engine 4 Template for the Oculus Go



Unreal Engine 4 Content Filter for inappropiate textures. The filter will list all textures without a power of two and not marked as UI textures.

Interrogation Room

The questions and answers for the survey can be customized in the Survey.json file. The questions are then presented to the user. After a user has finished the survey, statistics are automatically created and saved. There are three types of questions. First single choice, multiple choice and questions where you have to match two parts.

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